Snappy Snaps

Snappy Snaps are available in black, brass or nickel.   Price:  $15.00 each

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Directions for Installing the Snappy Snaps

snap1To open, hold top button with
your thumb and forefinger.

snap4On front of bag (or closure tab as in the
picture), create a hole big enough for the
brass center of the top button.


Make sure to screw it all the way on.  It
needs to be flush with the brass bottom.

snap10Screw the washer in place.

snap2Pinch your thumb and finger together
to lift top button and release post.

snap5With front side of bag down, put brass
center of the top button into hole.

snap8Create a hole large enough for the post
on the other side of the bag.

snap11To close the snappy snap you will need to
squeeze the top button again and place
it on the post.

snap3Unscrew washers from both pieces.

snap6Screw washer in place.

snap9Put post in hole.


snap12Snappy Snap closed on bag.

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