Spring Frames

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Spring Frames come with one end pre-pinned. A casing will need to be made for the frame to slip into.

If you’re using leather handles, leave button hole openings for the handle ends to slip into.

Once the frame is slid into the casing, the second pin is set. The ends of the casing are then whip stitched shut to cover the pins.

Please note spring frames are made with “spring steel”. This will rust easily. It is advised to buff with steel wool and coat with clear nail polish before using. If using in a felted bag, be sure that the bag is completely dry prior to installing the spring frame.

If additional assistance is needed to set the pin, please contact us for more information.

Length Price
4″ $5.00
8″ $8.00
10″ $9.00
12″ $10.00
14″ $11.00
16″ $12.00

Sample of a bag using a spring frame.

Spring frame bag hardware

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